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Our goal is to RE-CONNECT people together

BANDANAS. Not so long ago, they were perceived as a clear sign of belonging. They were a symbol. Showed that YOU were part of a community. Part of something BIGGER. We want to give a PURPOSE back to the bandana. The Hegoni Tribe believes that the bandana can serve as a trigger that will allow you to explore with confidence. The bandana is the tangible link between the emotions you feel and your skin. Enabling your true personality to shine through and giving you that push which lets you be that tiny bit more adventurous. The word bandana itself originates from the Indian word meaning : "to tie up" which illustrates this bond which exists between US !


Let people “Explore With Confidence”

Our slogan demonstrates what we are thriving for at Hegoni. We want you to EXPAND your comfort zone & pursue your dreams. We want to propel you in the right direction. WHAT'S REALLY HOLDING YOU BACK ?  A slight change in habits or attitude can impact each and everyone one of us greatly. So be more curious about your surroundings, start a conversation with a stranger regardless  of how awkward it may feel and BREAK OUT of those echo chambers that define you !


And hit the world with ENDLESS positive energy 

The HegoTribe believes in genuine interactions. We repeat ourselves everyday that MOMENTUM is built on SUPPORT. We promise to get all you kind souls out there as involved as possible in the process, expose your talents to the world and use your creative minds to become stronger as a TRIBE. This means being transparent in our actions and always keep the Tribe in the loop throughout the journey, in the good and the bad times. It is our duty to empower you through the messages we convey !